Earth Day | Package Free

A couple of months ago, my dear friend Lauren gave me a goody bag from the Package Free Shop for my birthday. After visiting the flagship store together in Brooklyn, we were elated to find a a place that served as a one-stop shop for so many of our needs, without any of the single-use plastic.Continue reading “Earth Day | Package Free”

Hokkaido Milk Bread | Introduction

For this first blog post, I am going to share my Hokkaido milk bread story, how food shapes relationships, and why I’m starting this blog.  During a hot and humid adventure in Japan last summer, I tasted Hokkaido milk bread for the first time. My best friend and I had just eaten Totoro cream puffsContinue reading “Hokkaido Milk Bread | Introduction”

The Guilt of Happiness

This piece was published February 7, 2019 on the Women’s Wire blog titled as “My Heart Told Me To Explore And Learn: Growing Beyond Family Expectations & Finding Happiness.” Women’s Wire is a weekly digest for feminists of DC. I am forever grateful for the editing wisdom and talents of Founder and Co-Editor Devon and Co-EditorContinue reading “The Guilt of Happiness”