Earth Day | Package Free

A couple of months ago, my dear friend Lauren gave me a goody bag from the Package Free Shop for my birthday. After visiting the flagship store together in Brooklyn, we were elated to find a a place that served as a one-stop shop for so many of our needs, without any of the single-use plastic. Today I’m sharing my to-go food items, but they also have a wide plethora of health and beauty products, cleaning supplies, and plenty of home goods.


Items pictured: airtight steal container, reusable bamboo cutlery set, stainless steel straw, reusable silicone sandwich bag, reusable organic cotton wipe, and the fun drawstring canvas bag that came with the gift set 😀

packagefree_1An advocate for the Zero Waste Movement and avid blogger, Lauren Singer founded her store with the mission of reducing waste and providing alternatives to single-use plastic products. The products sold by the Package Free Shop are sourced from individuals and brands dedicated to creating a positive environmental impact.

So far I’ve been really happy with these products. As a lover of food, thus someone prone to eating out at restaurants and ordering takeout, I’ve been putting in more effort to be conscientous about how I consume food. When I was younger, I never thought about the impact my eating habits had on the planet. So. Much. Plastic. I’ve cut back on takeout dramatically, and regularly pack meals in reusable containers.

I encourage you to take a look at your daily habits and see if there are any changes you can make for Earth Day going forward. Singer outlines 13 Easy Zero Waste Resolutions that make a great start 😀

For today and today only, visit their online store to receive 25% off your purchase for Earth Day!

*Note: this blog is not sponsored by or connected to the Package Free Shop in any way… I just think it’s really cool! 







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