fullsizeoutput_79dDear Reader,

My name is Cat. I’m a copywriter and content strategist who has created for nonprofits, and most recently, a Bay Area food start-up.

Growing up, I dreamed about becoming many things — a pastry chef, a musician, and a writer. After leaving a clinical career as a physical therapist (DPT), I paved an unconventional path to realizing all of these dreams. Today, I prioritize opportunities that embody my core values: relationship building, social justice, community care, learning, growth, and creativity.

My first baking business, Cat Vo Bakes, gave me the freedom to explore my passion for writing, content creation, culinary exploration, and fundraising for nonprofits. When I decided to pursue social impact work in D.C., I repurposed the Cat Vo Bakes website into a portfolio of my writing work and food styling experience. Check out my interviews with local D.C. changemakers!

In 2020, I returned to the Bay Area and started MUCHJOY Bakehouse, a baking business focused on fundraising for nonprofits and social causes. Starting the business at the beginning of the pandemic opened my eyes to the immediate impact of mutual aid and community care. I witnessed grassroots organizations collaborating in real-time to respond to racial injustice, housing inequity, and food insecurity. This experience brought home the importance of mobilizing to care for one other and cultivating shared joy amidst historic upheaval. 

Are you looking for a creative copywriter or content strategist who values social justice, relationship building, and community care? I would love to hear from you — let’s connect! 


Cat Vo (she/they)