MUCHJOY Bakehouse was a woman-operated baking business between 2020-2022 that fundraised for nonprofits and coalitions local to the Bay Area. Fresh, homemade treats were created in unique flavors to spread joy and connect the community.

Spearheading the creative direction of my business allowed me to combine two of my greatest passions: bringing people joy through food, and building community with like-minded local activists. In addition to frying up hundreds of donuts for new friends, I met many other entrepreneurs dedicated to their craft and adjusting to challenging times. It has been incredibly rewarding to witness the start of groundbreaking mutual aid groups and nonprofits such as HERO Tent, Feed the Block, CHANGE Garden Project, Stories for Solidarity, and more in San Jose – and to be able to connect with these people and fundraise for their community work. 

I closed my business in Spring 2022 and aspire to continue community building and spreading joy in other ways. Below are some values and highlights of MUCHJOY Bakehouse.

Commitment to the Environment

MUCHJOY Bakehouse’s commitment to the environment and reducing waste included selecting biodegradable packaging: bakery boxes, parchment paper, labels free of chemical coatings and plastic, 100% cotton baker’s twine, and cellulose-based tape. Instructions on how to best dispose of the packaging accompanied each order. Composting and recycling were common practices in the kitchen, and much care and thought were put into the tools and ingredients purchased to reduce waste going to the landfill.

Commitment to the Community

One of the pillars of MUCHJOY Bakehouse’s business model was fundraiser programing for local nonprofits and grassroots organizations.

August 2021: Tea Party for 2 Boxes | $100 of sales were donated to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Soft Landing Fund for Afghan refugees resettling in Northern California. Learn more about IRC’s Soft Landing Fund here.

July 2021: Daisy’s Birthday Paw-ty | To celebrate Daisy’s birthday and gotcha day, slices of homemade dog-friendly cake and dog biscuits were sold as birthday party packages (along with human-friendly cakes and donuts). 50% of sales were donated to SF SPCA, where Daisy was adopted. Learn more about SF SPCA here.

June 2021: Pop-Up at Paper Moon Cafe | 20% of sales were donated to Feed the Block in San Jose to help fund ingredients and supplies for their weekly hot breakfast program. Learn more about Feed the Block here.

April-June 2021: Baking Collaboration with TherapyBaking and AmandaBakesForYou for Asian Law Alliance | 15% of sales from pop-up events were donated to Asian Law Alliance (ALA). ALA provides crucial legal services to low income individuals in the San Jose area, as well as support to victims of domestic violence. Between the three bakers, we raised roughly $1600. Watch the news segment here. Learn more about ALA here.

February 2021: Birthday Cake Fundraiser for CHANGE Garden ProjectFor my birthday this year, I baked several cakes and accepted donations for birthday treat boxes. 100% of the proceeds were donated to this San Jose based nonprofit to fund supplies and programming. The programming aimed to help provide food insecure communities with the means to feed themselves, urban gardening, and open access to fresh organic food. Learn more about CHANGE Garden Project here.

October 2020: Bake Sale Fundraiser for Stories for Solidarity | 100% of proceeds were donated to this San Jose based nonprofit to fund art education, social entrepreneurship programs, mutual aid supplies, and programming to foster solidarity in BIPOC communities. Learn more about Stories for Solidarity here.

August 2020: Bake Sale Fundraiser for HERO Tent  | 100% of proceeds were donated to this San Jose based nonprofit to fund water, food, masks, and medical supplies for protestors for Black lives. Learn more about HERO Tent here.

July 2020: Fresh Terrific Pies (FTP’s) | 15% of proceeds from Sweet Strawberry Pie sales were donated to Anti Police-Terror Project, a Black-led coalition that works to eradicate police terror in communities of color. Learn more about Anti Police-Terror Project here.

June 2020: Bakers Against Racism | 100% of proceeds were donated to People’s Breakfast Oakland to fund supplies (food and clothing distribution) for the unhoused community, and resources (bail fund, legal assistance for Black protestors) for protestors for Black lives. Learn more about Bakers Against Racism here, and People’s Breakfast Oakland here.

MUCHJOY Bakehouse in 2020 

Relationships & Partnerships Built 
Bakers Against Racism 
Feed the Block
CHANGE Garden Project 
Stories for Solidarity 
San Jose Peace & Justice Center
Paper Moon Cafe 

>$2k donated in money and supplies to local nonprofits 

>1500 miles in deliveries and drop-offs 

Best Selling Items 
Use Coconut Cinnamon Rolls (V)
Hokkaido Milk Bread Doughnuts (V) 
Autumn Soiree Boxes
Dreamy Chocolate Matcha Cake 

Top 3 Cakes
Dreamy Chocolate Matcha Cake
Honey Latte Cake
Double Chocolate Velvet Cake 

2 Collabs with Paper Moon 

6 delivery pop-ups around the bay 

Over 300 lb flour baked and fried into cakes, pies, scones, rolls, malasadas, seasonal doughnuts, loaves bread, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes! 

Gratitude of your support: infinite