The Andersons, Part 3

My parents visiting Washington, D.C. for the first time The Viet Nam War is considered to be a large part of American history. Many of its memories and the people involved are commemorated as memorials, artifacts, and exhibits at our nation’s capital. When my parents visited me in December 2018, I took them to theContinue reading “The Andersons, Part 3”

The Andersons, Part 1

Note: The focus of My Name is Fox is on the history of my parents, but I am including a mini series of posts about the Andersons because they are important to my family. Part 1 was very much written as a personal essay, while Parts 2 and 3 will fit more with the themeContinue reading “The Andersons, Part 1”

The Guilt of Happiness

This piece was published February 7, 2019 on the Women’s Wire blog titled as “My Heart Told Me To Explore And Learn: Growing Beyond Family Expectations & Finding Happiness.” Women’s Wire is a weekly digest for feminists of DC. I am forever grateful for the editing wisdom and talents of Founder and Co-Editor Devon and Co-EditorContinue reading “The Guilt of Happiness”